Will a Meme Overlay Make a Video Campaign Go Viral on Facebook?

Super Viral Facebook Video Marketing

Super Viral Facebook Video Marketing


Couple of my tweets asking the question about the possibility of a unique way to approach launching a viral video campaign.

The big question is will it pay off? The facebook video ad that I saw was simply to another social channel that previously posted several videos with a couple that kept pranking each other. Well obviously that has been duplicated several times so why else would you want to pay for that kind of traffic? Well I believe the agency/company seeking the engagement knows it will probably do well since it has in the past, and have decided to bet money on it! So to help make it work as best as possible why not enhance the look of the facebook video preview through a meme overlay on the video announcing the content that will be coming up in the future.

If there is a decent return on engagement the agency/company can then decide to spend a little more in effort to start creating conversions.  So perhaps given the previous virality of the revenge prank video, the advertiser has decided to see how much traffic he can pull with a minimal investment. Guess we will have to wait and see.

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